Cushion Memory

Healthy sleep

Foam Memory filler due to its porous structure and unique properties under the influence of heat and weight of a person easily takes the shape of the body, repeats its contours and physiological curves.

The transformation process is smooth, which prevents traumatic stress on the spine, joints and muscles. And after the pressure on the surface stops, it takes less than 10 seconds to restore the original appearance.

Fabric knitwear

Knitwear has a structure similar to a fine mesh, so it is breathable. In the heat it cools, in the cold it warms. This fabric is practical and durable, and knitwear does not need special care. It does not accumulate static and does not cause skin irritation, and is soft and supple.

Foam Memory

This material subtly reacts to load and heat - under the weight of the human body and its temperature, the material becomes viscous, its structure softens and easily adapts to anatomical contours.

Also, thanks to the cellular structure, the air smoothly circulates inside the material, a comfortable microclimate is created. Memory foam is hypoallergenic - it does not accumulate dust, mold and microorganisms do not develop in it.

Comfortable sleep

High – optimally calculated weight of the filler to achieve good elasticity indicators. This height is perfect for people who love elastic, well-filled pillows. Ideal for men. Also, I do not want to miss the opportunity to emphasize a huge plus of pillows - they are REGULATED! The beauty is that the pillow has a built-in zipper (it is located on the side of the pillow), thanks to which you can take out a little filler at any time and adjust the pillow completely to yourself.


  • Cover: Knitwear, on a snake
  • Filling: 50% Foam Memory, 50% EcoSilk
  • Height: Elastic
  • Production: Italy
  • Care recommendations: Home washing at temperatures up to 40 degrees, delicate mode, minimum number of revolutions during spinning; Dry cleaning


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